“新质,新动能” LubTop2023总评榜盛大启幕

 2023-11-08  中国润滑油信息网
万众期待的“LubTop2023 中国润滑油行业年度总评榜”正式拉开帷幕,活动以“新质,新动能”为主题,由中国润滑油信息网 (www.sinolub.com)、《润滑油市场》发起主办,业内权威机构和众多主流媒体支持协办。The highly...

  万众期待的“LubTop2023 中国润滑油行业年度总评榜”正式拉开帷幕,活动以“新质,新动能”为主题,由中国润滑油信息网 (www.sinolub.com)、《润滑油市场》发起主办,业内权威机构和众多主流媒体支持协办。

The highly anticipated "LubTop2023 China Lubricant Industry Annual Awards" has officially commenced. Themed "New Quality, New Momentum," the event is initiated and hosted by the China Lubricant Information Network (www.sinolub.com) and "Lubricant Market" magazine, with the support and collaboration of authoritative industry organizations and numerous mainstream media outlets.



The "LubTop2023 Annual Awards" aims to "establish industry benchmarks and inspire the future of the industry." It summarizes the achievements of the lubricant industry in branding, technology, and product development over the past year. It records the footsteps of industrial technology and business model innovation, dedicated to enabling distributors, retailers, and consumers to have a more objective understanding of industry brand development, and providing a scientific basis for consumers' purchasing decisions.

The "LubTop Annual Awards" began in 2013 and are held annually. This year marks the 11th edition. As a highly scaled and influential national event in the lubricant and automotive aftermarket industry, the "LubTop Annual Awards" are widely recognized in the industry as the "Annual Oscars" of the lubricant and automotive aftermarket. It is led by international giants and participated by well-known Chinese independent brands, achieving cross-industry integration. It is an endorsement of quality and a testament to industry status.




Innovate the five major dimensions of evaluation criteria.

In the spirit that all things begin in simplicity and evolve into complexity, the "LubTop2023 Annual Ranking" assessment activity is anchored in five key dimensions: innovation drive, market synergy, user experience, industry leadership, and green development. These dimensions form the core evaluation system for brands, fostering continual innovation in event patterns, discovering outstanding products, and highlighting excellent brands. Industry experts believe that as essential elements of the selection process, this edition of the "LubTop Annual Ranking" has incorporated a diverse array of transformative factors into its criteria. The innovative selection standards of the LubTop2023 Annual Ranking, with its five dimensions, reflect the direction of the lubricant industry's development within the context of Chinese-style modernization, with a stronger emphasis on the quality, balance, safety, and sustainability of economic growth.


The "LubTop2023 Annual Ranking" will select its honorees based on a comprehensive process starting with the pre-qualification of corporate submissions, followed by quality inspections carried out by a third-party authoritative organization, which hold veto power (disqualification right). The final ranking is determined through a combination of online user voting (accounting for 30% of the score), professional market research (20%), assessments by a panel of expert mentors (40%), and media observation and commentary (10%). Utilizing both online and offline big data along with intelligent algorithms, the LubTop Brand Honor Index is generated. This index will establish the definitive list for the LubTop2023 China Lubricant Industry Annual Ranking and culminate in a grand award ceremony that will be announced globally.



Deepen industrial chain interaction and cross-industry integration.

The "LubTop2023 Annual Ranking" is dedicated to facilitating interaction within the lubricant industry chain, pushing the boundaries of cross-industry integration to new heights by incorporating application scenarios from the automotive and equipment sectors. It aims to expand the ranking event's influence across various industries including automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, electric power petrochemicals, cement mining, machine tools and metal processing, logistics and transportation, auto repair and maintenance, as well as among distributors and vehicle owners. The objective is to spread positive narratives and promote the good reputation of the industry.


As the vanguard of the automotive service market, outstanding enterprises in the fields of lubricants, tires, and auto repair have made commercial innovation, empowerment of end terminals, and cross-industry integration a development trend. The "2023 Annual Automotive Service Competitiveness Selection," initiated and hosted by automotive media dedicated to "taking good care of every car", including Syang Automotive and NEV New Energy Vehicle Observation, and co-hosted by China Lubricant Information Network and China Tire Business Network, will be held concurrently with the LubTop2023 Annual Ranking. This event will research and grant honors to brands, products, and services that have shown exceptional performance in the automotive service market, including those in lubricants, tires, batteries, auto repair chains, and car culture.

The event will enable superior product quality and service experience to become the bond between brands and users, sharing brand excellence, conveying the spirit of brand innovation, achieving win-win outcomes across the industry chain, and striving to become the "weathervane" of China's automotive service market and a benchmark for innovation in intelligent service models.


According to the organizers, the award ceremony will be held concurrently with the "2024 China New Energy Vehicle Service Development Summit Forum." New energy vehicles are a calling card of China's intelligent manufacturing on the global stage. During the event, industry heavyweights from the fields of lubricants, tires, and new energy vehicles will present cutting-edge industry insights and strategic enlightenment. Industry leaders, esteemed experts, renowned company CEOs, GMs, and leaders from LubTop award-winning enterprises, along with other distinguished guests from both domestic and international segments of the lubricant, tire, and automotive aftermarket industry chains, will gather to contribute to this grand occasion. This summit is set to lead industry professionals in forward-looking and in-depth deliberations, actively promoting the healthy development of the industry.


The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation intersects historically with our country's acceleration in shifting its economic development model, placing the industry at a critical juncture in the evolution of the new energy revolution. Advocating for innovation-driven leadership, against the backdrop of the "dual carbon" goals, the industry is encouraged to break away from traditional growth pathways. This aims to form and develop new productive forces with advanced leaps in development, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of growth, and to continuously upgrade the lubricant industry system with higher development efficiency and effectiveness. This initiative is set to create new industries, cultivate new momentum, and form new competitive advantages.


From complexity to simplicity, and in simplicity, we find greatness. Looking back on the path taken, the LubTop Rankings have witnessed the formidable and splendid development of China's lubricant industry. Gazing ahead, the new productive forces enable the mighty power of Chinese manufacturing to break through barriers and forge ahead with indomitable spirit. As a witness and chronicler of the industry's magnificent history of struggle, the LubTop Rankings consistently adhere to the purpose of "establishing industry benchmarks and enlightening the industry's future," guiding the direction of lubricant product and technological advancement.


In the face of turbulent seas, the true colors of a hero are revealed; with a resolve as steady as a burning torch, we understand that dedicated work prospers the nation. A China in its prime, an industry evolving day by day. The LubTop2023 Rankings are committed to forging ahead with vigor and enthusiasm, honoring industry heroes with the "Oscar" of lubricants, and showcasing the glory of the kings!





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